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Responsibility, reliability & flexibility

CARGOTRADE OÜ is a well-respected & reliable company providing an excellent customer service in production, import/export, transit and logistics.

Our company was established in 2006 in Tallinn, Estonia between East & West trade markets. Main activities are between CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia & etc.), Scandinavia and Eastern / Western Europe.

We have in our team skilled & professional people who have a real and solid experience in production, trading & logistics. We provide fast, high-level and well-customer oriented business solutions with optimized expenses.

Step by step over the Years we have been discovering new markets and at the same time doing the best to adapt to rapidly changing clients requirements.

We pay special attention to the constant development of the quality and logistic. These two important areas differentiate our company from our competition.
We offer high-quality products, competitive prices and prompt delivery. Satisfaction of our customers is always our first priority.

Kaubanduskoda-member_logo_ENG_520x581We’re pleased to offer our full cooperation in transit and marketing of your cargo/products in our market.

Your benefits from partnership with us:

  • personal approach to each customer
  • active and motivated people
  • official representation and market penetration
  • warehousing services and big customer base
  • extensive knowledge of business opportunities, laws, government regulations and local procurement practices
  • getting cargo/products to customers on time, on budget, while maintaining all cargo/ products safety and good handling practices

Let’s develop a bright future together.

We are always open to business dialogue and eager to establish new partnerships with our potential clients.

Responsibility, reliability & flexibility – our main priorities!

With kind regards,

Our company was established in 2006 in Tallinn, Estonia
between East & West trade markets




Fishing & Fish Export

We operate by the own fishing trawlers in Baltic Sea. Main products in our fishing are Spratt and Baltic Herring. We use different freezing plants in Estonia, Latvia & Finland



Transit & Logistics

We are well-customer oriented company providing excellent customer service in transportation & logistics. Our company can be your reliable forwarding agent in ESTONIA



Fertilizers For Export

CARGOTRADE is a real trader, which is involved in export/import of the fertilizer products. At this moment we can suggest the following fertilizer products